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When you wish upon a star…

Dear readers,

I should have witten this two days earlier. On July seventh, we celebrated a star festival called "Tanabata." It has its origin in old and peaceful China which I love very much.

It's a romantic festival in which two stars, According to Wiki, "It celebrates the meeting of Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). The Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. The celebration is held at night, once the stars come out."

I have to add that they were separated by someone because they loved each other so much that they forgot about their "jobs."

Have you ever had such a romantic, but unrealistic, feeling? Now, come on, give me some comments (giggle). Me? Well, just imagine. It's up to you. Period.

When you wish upon a star

Suffice to say to watch the above will be it.

Good night.
美女と野獣 ベルの素敵なプレゼント [DVD]美女と野獣 ベルの素敵なプレゼント [DVD]


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Another guy who sang rain

Dear Friends,

My thoughts seem to go from one thing to another like a chain reaction. In the last entry I wrote about singers who sang about, or on the theme of, rain. I remembered another musician.

In my high school days, I was attracted to guitarists who played wild. One of them was Rick Dellinger. I bought an album "All American Boy." On the picture of the sleeve, he was dressed in white, and wore gloves. Can a man play the guitar with gloves on his hands? Anyway, his tunes were great. Among the wild and hard songs, there were some quite songs, and bright happy songs. I can't remember the title, but he sang "Raining, raining for a long, long time, I don't know when the sun is gonna shine..." I searched YouTube for his video, but there was none.



My Best Of My LifeMy Best Of My Life


Anyway, I found two CDs which seems good. I hope you remember him, or if not, come to know how he was a good guitarist cum singer through these CDs.

Good night.

P.S. Today is the fourth of July. Congratulations for those who think they are American.

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Can You Sing In the Rain???

Hello, there,

It's been raining. It rained last night, and today it's cooler than the day before yesterday. However, the problem in Osaka climate is not just the rain; it's more humidity. A writer born in the north of Osaka, where the Yodo-river runs from north-east to south-west, described the humidity as clinging to our skin. And I do understand what that description means.

Born and bread in Osaka-city, I got my first regular job in Chiba prefecture, one that is next to Tokyo. I got a culture shock; if you go abroad, you take it for granted whatever you see, you eat, you meet may be different. But in a small country like Japan, I was so ignorant. The weather was quite different. The weather in Chiba had four seasons, while I may say we practically have two seasons in Osaka prefecture, especially in the central city.

The clothes we wore in Chiba was different. If you live in Osaka, you only need two kind of clothes; those for the summer, those for the winter. If it's a little bit too hot, you can take off your jackets. If it's too cold, put them on, and that's it.

The rainy season in Osaka is very short, like two weeks or so. However, as the old saying has it, it not rains but it pours on some days.

There are some nursery-rhyme-songs which express joy of rain, and some minor songs which feels sad. Indeed, I used feel very sad when I heard a particular song whose lyrics describes a child who has no umbrella, nor a rain coat and cannot go out. It was like he or she felt as if they have no way of spending the day as they wanted. They have to be happy with what they have to be happy with.

May rain stop soon.

I'm singing in the rain This person is singing because he's in LOVE, mind you (lol).

Iwasaki Hiromi and others sing Rain Songs (This movie contains both sad and happy songs on the rain.)

Precious Night [DVD]Precious Night [DVD]


雨に唄えば [DVD] FRT-089雨に唄えば [DVD] FRT-089


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Hello, again.

I frequented to a guitar shop in the south of Osaka city, where a luthier worked; he also had amateur students who wanted to make stringed instruments: guitars, violins, and cellos.

I happened to know the luthier, or a "sensei" in Japanese, through our band member, MM. MM and I have been friends from junior high. He told me that the craftsman seemed to be incredibly sensitive, and great at the same time. He also told me that the classical guitars that he made sounded extraordinarily.

On the next day, I went to see him. He had a handsome face with glaring eyes. Luckily he had a guitar that soon would go to a customer, and kindly let me try it out. Did it sound great! I wanted the kind of guitar on the spot. However, the guitar maker was whimsical, and didn't accept the order soon: I had to wait.

One day, when I had already abandoned ordering from him, I had a call. It was from the luthier. I wondered for a moment if he wanted anything.

He had difficulties in asking me if I have certain amount of money, and explained that he had a traffic accident, and wanted to settle it out of the court. If I give him the money he needed, he promised me that he would make me an expensive guitar with jacaranda, brazilian rose wood.

As years went on, I repeatedly went to his shop, but he repeatedly told me to wait with clumsy excuses. I almost abandoned reminding that I had paid for it.

Years went on again. I couldn't believe my ears, nor my eyes when I saw him becoming weak: his speech was unclear, unarticurated.

As the days went by, he got worse and worse, so much so that he had to write down what he wanted to say: the muscles on his neck lost strength, and his head was hung. All I could say was just to become well, so that he could use up all the precious wood which he and his father collected, pointing at a heap of rose wood. He looked smiled; the muscles on his face, too, had become out of his control.

It's true that I prayed for his quick recovery. But the next time I visited his atelier, he wasn't there: he was in the hospital. His disciple told me he repeated going in, and coming out of the hospital. And finally, it got so that he couldn't move, and had to stay in bed at home with a tube in his throat, I heard.

One fine day, I got a call; it was from his wife. She told me that my guitar was finished. At first I felt very anxious about what might have happened to the guitar maker, but anyway, I took my motor bike on the specified day.

When I arrived at the shop, the wife looked as if she was apologizing; the saddle and the bridge for the strings hadn't been attached. She immediately made a call to his husband asking what to do with the situation. His disciple should finish it. He promised he would finish it until such and such day, but as I waited and waited, I got no call. I just had to wait.

And finally, I got a call; it was finally finished by a "student" using ivory.

The guitar on the above is mine. I handed a thanks letter to the wife. It might be the luthier's last work. He still cannot move. I hope he gets well and comes back to the studio again, even if he cannot work anymore.

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Another Racial Issue

Hi, there.

After writing about Michael, I remembered that I had another singer to write about: alan from Tibetan China.

I came to know 阿兰 from my guitar pal of long standing. If you kindly read the last and the first blog, you know I wrote about Michael from a racial point of view. The same applies to alan: she is a Tibetan girl. She, however, went on to the best university in China, and seems to have lost her identity of the tribe, which is being tortured from Chinese Communist Government.

Strange enough, she made her debut from Japanese record company called Avax.

From the video from YouTube, she looks happy to be with what she has made so far, and I do enjoy her CD with DVD: she sings well, she dances well.

She became famous by singing the theme song of the movie "Red Cliff," which is one of my favorite songs sung by her. Ryuichi Sakamoto also produced one piece for her. Her career may be as bright as a full moon in the darkest night.

I do want her to entertain as many people as she can. But again, I have to repeat: where is her identity as a Tibetan girl?

alan - 赤壁~大江東去~ PV

Tibet The Story Of A Tragedy

Musica Anonyma

Voice of EARTH(DVD付)Voice of EARTH(DVD付)


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